CCIS is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent business organisation representing the interest of its members. With over160 years of tradition, it is the most influential business organisation in Slovenia. CCIS unites 26 branch associations, representing all important industry sectors of Slovenia, under its roof and has 13 regional offices in Slovenia. CCIS is composed of branch business associations, regional associations and professional departments. CCIS represents all important industry sectors of Slovenia.

The 120 employees of CCIS provide knowhow, expertise and knowhow from various fields vital to the business community. CCIS is partner for the government in preparing legislation and policy strategies. CCIS offers all types of services to companies (especially SME) to support them and create a business-friendly environment. Among support activities to companies, innovation support plays a major role, as well as establishment of new business opportunities and possibilities of cross-sectoral cooperation. It facilitates access to public research institutions and their services. The team of the innovation support unit helps companies to exploit innovative potential, manage intellectual property and access finance.

CCIS has the status of a representative Chamber of Commerce and is partner for the government in preparing legislation and policy strategies. CCIS is member in numerous government bodies, boards and committees, providing knowhow and expertise in various fields, in the area of education and learning. Supporting governmental bodies with knowhow and expertise in these fields makes CCIS a key actor at national level in the area of adult education, lifelong learning and vocational education and training.

CCIS has the status of a social partner organization and is member of the Economic and Social Council of Slovenia, together with its branch organizations it is negotiating almost all collective agreements in the private sector.