The CCE – Pula County Chamber is a territorial unit of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) for the County of Istria.

Pula County Chamber is one of 20 county Chambers of CCE. Under the name CCE – Pula County Chamber it has been operating since 1993. although activities of the Chamber began much earlier.

By continuing its 168 years’ long tradition, nowadays, the Croatian Chamber of Economy is a modern and professional economic institution, which constitutes the best form of operation for its members in their business activities. As a public-law institution CCE represents, promotes and protects the interests of its members at home and abroad. Members of the CCE are all legal entities engaged in business, registered in a Commercial Court’s register. The Chamber is funded primarily by membership fees (membership is obligatory), and income generated through the exercise of public authority, independently conducted activities and other sources. The Croatian Chamber of Economy is actively working to create a better investment climate for its members, but also for international investors. Its contribution to the process of rapid economic development manifests in various activities such as lobbying by representatives of the Croatian Chamber of Economy in Brussels, its membership in the Association of European Chambers – Eurochambres and the International Chamber of Commerce, as well as in other international professional associations.

The Pula County Chamber consists of more than 11.000 active members, most of which are legal entities engaged in economic activity. Pula County Chamber unites, connects and gathers Chambers’ members whose headquartes are registered in the County of Istria.

In order to improve their work and business in certain activities at the county level, the members of CCE – Pula County Chamber have been professionally organized into 25 Professional groups. Professional groups are established in order to promote and protect common interests, improve cooperation and work on joint projects with the support of Pula County Chamber. In this way, members of the Professional Groups can influence legislation and favorable economic climate.

At the national level, the members of the Pula County Chamber participate in the work of CCEs’ Associations and Affiliations.

Dedication to members takes place through activities such as:

  • representation, coordination and protection of the interests of CCE members in the interaction with government bodies
  • development of entrepreneurial initiatives
  • promotion of the Croatian economy at home and abroad
  • business education and training programmes, and activities that contribute to the development of lifelong learning
  • operational improvements and better business performance
  • organization and co-financing of members’ participation in fairs