Unioncamere del Veneto is the association of the five Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of the Veneto Region. Unioncamere supports and promotes the regional economic system by facilitating the relationships among the Veneto Regional Government and the other Local Authorities. Its strategic function has become even more significant since the transfer of the political, regulatory and administrative powers to the Regions tooks place in Italy. Unioncamere supports the simplification of relationships among enterprises and Public Administrations, creates opportunities in the fields of Research and Education and promotes initiatives supporting the economic development of the Veneto Region and the internationalization process of SMEs.

Coordination Policies and Institutional Relations Department

The Policies Coordination and Institutional Relations Department plays a key institutional and political role in several strategic areas of intervention. The Department’s action covers a wide range of activities: Promotion, Communication, support to SMEs in their internationalization process, management of projects financed by the European direct and indirect funds, the “Fondo Perequativo” (the national Equalization Fund), etc. Due to its role, Unioncamere deals with key other institutional bodies at a national, regional and European level (international organizations, the European Union, Italian and foreign Ministries, the Veneto Region and other regional governments, regional trade associations, Universities, the Italian national Unioncamere, Eurochambres, etc..).

European policies Department – Eurosportello

Eurosportello del Veneto coordinates the Italian North-Eastern consortium that brings support to enterprises by providing a wide range of services. The consortium is part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), a European network promoted by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission that gathers nearly 600 members organization. Eurosportello del Veneto also manages the Veneto desk of APRE (Agency for the promotion of European research), the Italian contact point for the Horizon 2020 Programme.

Brussels’ Delegation

The Brussels’ Delegation of The Association of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce was established in 1996 to represent the European interests of the seven Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of the Veneto Region. The Delegation provides operational support to regional stakeholders and contributes to the internationalization of the regional economy thanks to its influence on the activities of political decision-making, both at local and European level.

The close cooperation between Brussels Delegation and the Veneto Region is enhanced by the fact that both the headquarters share the same premises in Brussels: this has fostered a solid and advantageous relationship which has allowed a harmonious collaboration on activities of common interest.

The role of the Brussels Delegation:

Its main activity is the monitoring of European policies in order to inform our stakeholders about all relevant news. Thanks to this information, the economic operators can identify the most important opportunities and, consequently, choose and develop the best solutions. The Brussels delegation interacts directly with the European institutions and other relevant actors established in Brussels.

Activities and tasks:Information Desk

  • Training
  • Lobbying
  • Technical and Planning Assistance
  • Veneto Region Promotion

Our Premium stakeholders

Among the tasks of the Brussels Delegation there is the coordination of relations and contacts between Veneto public institutions, local associations and other bodies representing collective interests and the European Union. In order to enforce these activities, dedicated services are offered to the so-called Premium Stakeholders. These are social actors who share with Unioncamere the idea of a „Veneto System“ able to meet the challenges and  the opportunities available in Europe.